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LA City Welders
Certification Classes

Our goal is to help you pass the L.A. City Welders Certification Exam. We do this by helping you get familiar with welding symbols and AWS Code Books. Also, we provide you with the materials you will need to succeed. 

Weekend Classes

97% Success Rate

Materials Provided

Clases Bilingüe

Training Courses and Classes



L.A. City Welders
Certification Class

*Individual Classes

  • AWS D1.1 Structural

  • AWS D1.3 Light Gage

  • AWS D1.4 Rebar

  • AWS D1.6 Structural Stainless Steel

  • $1,500.00

  • $800.00

  • $800.00

  • $1,200.00

Plan Reading Classes

*6 Weeks Total

  • Shop Drawings

  • Erection Drawings

  • Contact Document Drawings

  • $1,100.00

L.A. City Approved
Fabricators Class

*4 Weeks Total

  • Light Weight

  • Medium Weight

  • $3,200.00

Inspection Classes

  • S1 Structural Steel Bolting

  • $3,200.00

  • S2 Structural Steel Welding

  • $3,200.00

Rig Welding Training 

  • SMAW (Stick Welding)

  • $2,500.00

  • FCAW (Innershield)

  • $3,000.00

  • City Exam Prep (Practical) +
    Rig Welding Training

  • $6,200.00

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without notice

English Construction Classes

Clases de Construcción de Inglés

Fecha de Inicio: TBD

Costo: $700

Duración: 6 semanas 

Tiempo: 11:30 am - 3:00 pm

Información de Clases

Este curso está diseñado para preparar a alumnos para las clases de soldadura y más. Es un requisito saber inglés para la construcción en estos tiempos.


  • Escribir en Ingles.

  • Leer en Ingles.

  • Entender palabras y oraciones enfocado en la construcción.

  • Ayuda para prepararse para tomar los exámenes de certificación del estado.

  • Términos en inglés del sector de la construcción.

  • Términos en inglés del taller/planos.

L.A. City Welder  Certification Course

We are a school that offers welder certification courses. Also, we are based out of Bell Gardens, CA, and provide quality training for anyone looking to get certified for their L. A City Welders license, Plan Reading, Inspection Training, or L.A City Approved Fabricator license.

Meet The Instructor


Ray Castro

Welding Certification Instructor

Ray Castro teaches the True Quality L.A. City Welding Certification classes. Ray owns and manages the Ray Castro Steel Company and has over 35 years of experience in structural steel fabrication, field erection, and detailing. In addition, Ray has been licensed as D1.1 AWS LA City certified welder, stick, and manual process from 1982 to the present. 

Besides having his L.A. City-certified welders credentials, Ray also has experience in Inspections along with a long list of certifications, which includes Structural Steel Contractor C51, ICC Bolting Certification, ICC Welding Certification, ICC Masonry Certification, ICC Reinforced Concrete Certification, ICC Fireproofing Certification, ICC Master Inspector Certification, and ACI Field Tech Certification.


Looking to pass the A.W.S D.1.1, D.1.3, D.1.4, and D.1.6? Our L.A. City Welder Certificate classes in Bell Gardens are designed to help you do just that. Enroll now and take a step toward your welding career. We provide the materials you need and offer bilingual classes in English and Spanish.

Rig Welding Training Gallery

Are you interested in Rig Welding Training? Get a first-hand look at how we teach hands-on rig welding taught by an expert in the industry. Ray Castro has years of experience and can teach you how to rig weld properly. If you want to start, please complete the form below to begin your journey.


"...the best LA City welders class there is!"- Luis Duenas

This is hands down the best LA City welders class there is! All material is provided in both Spanish and English so language is not an issue to pass the exam..

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have classes in the evening?
    Normally not, weekends only (all day on weekends).
  • Does the classroom class include the hands on practical portion?
    No, this class does not. However, we offer a rig welding training class. This class has a separate cost.
  • How long does it take to get an exam date?
    Approximately three months. Once you submit your application to LA City, someone from the city will contact you and schedule your test date.
  • Where do I take my written exam?
    At your home on a computer. It is a virtual exam with two inspectors. There are 25 questions in total.
  • Is the cost of the D1.1 class due all at once?
    It can be paid in two parts. A $500 deposit is required at registration. The remaining balance is due on the first day of class.

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